Lampert Capital Markets
Lampert Capital Markets Research

Lampert Research is pioneering a different approach to investment research that is more suited to the constantly and rapidly changing investment horizon.

  • Dynamic Investment Themes

Rather than rely on the analysis of companies based on static industry classifications, we develop dynamic investment themes that serve as the foundation for selecting companies likely to benefit from major macroeconomic shifts across industry sectors and geographies.

  • Undiscovered Companies

Many of the companies we follow are off Wall Street's radar often selling at discounts from their intrinsic value. Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that fundamental research has economic value and can be used to generate excess returns in the long-term. Our research objectives are to identify promising undervalued companies with significant long term growth prospects and provide our clients with significant quantitative and qualitative support for our views and recommendations. Our focus is on how fundamentals, future economic trends and catalysts interact to determine stock prices. To accomplish this goal, we concentrate on a host of fundamental variables including earnings and sales growth, quality of earnings, balance sheet statistics, technological capacities and the competitive landscape.

  • Capitalization Neutral

We provide our clients with proprietary research reports across a broad spectrum of capitalizations from micro to large cap.

  • Industry Agnostic

Our research efforts are focused on uncovering undervalued situations in a wide array of industries including biotech, specialty materials, semiconductors, renewable energy, industrials, capital equipment, consumer staples, infrastructure suppliers to the water supply chain and natural resources. We focus on dynamic themes that drive values across a broad swath of industries.

  • Special Situations Research

A major part of our research efforts focus on identifying promising spinoffs, takeover candidates, turnarounds and reorganizations that offer good, long-term growth prospects by aligning split off and spun off companies with more natural shareholder bases.

  • Combined Equity and Fixed Income Securities Analysis

Too often valuable investment insight and opportunity is lost when research in equities and fixed income is segregated and separated. Lampert strives to find great companies to invest in and determine which of their securities represents the best opportunities for investing in that situation. Our clients invest across the debt equity continuum. Our research parallels their needs.

Heading up our research efforts is Charles Kaplan a veteran "Wall Street" analyst with several decades of experience working for Merrill Lynch, Herzog, Heine & Geduld, Hudson Securities and du Pasquier. Like such iconic investors as Michael Price, Warren Buffet, Max Heine and Buzzy Geduld, Charles is a believer in value investing and the weak form of the efficient Market Hypothesis where fundamental detective-like research often results in excess returns in the long-term. His research finding are published in the form of insightful in-depth research reports, Lampert Capital Markets Focus Lists and Quarterly Investor Conference Calls are available to our clients and the media.