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Superior Execution
  • Superior Execution

In our effort to deliver 'best executions', we employ the industry's most robust trading technologies and support the broadest spectrum of client order types and algorithms. From index-based "program trading", to10b-18 corporate share repurchase programs, to ADR creation, our clients benefit from a full menu of customizable time/price algorithms. That said, we know that high-tech tools address only part of the challenge for those mandated to secure best ex; which is why high-touch capabilities are integral to our order execution process.

  • Experienced Coverage

Our high-touch trade execution specialists are veterans of the Wall Street community and maintain trusted relationships with counterparts representing a broad spectrum of capital-centric liquidity providers, a critical component for those working to refine market noise and aggregate liquidity offered by competing providers who reserve their most aggressive pricing for broker-to-broker transactions, and away from the multiple electronic markets, ECNs and "dark pools."

We are experts in managing all types of orders, from "hard-to-execute blocks" to domestic and international program-based strategies, to complex option strategies. Your orders are handled in-house and remain completely anonymous to the marketplace. Complementing our order execution services, Lampert traders provide timely and relevant market color, strategy insight, and guidance with regard to market trends, market structure, and technical analysis

  • Technology

Price, timing and accuracy are paramount when it comes execution. We understand our clients' needs for efficiency, consistency and transparency in all trades. We have access to trading tools that were built on these concepts and proved a complete proprietary solution. Our clients know that their access to markets is on par with professional traders, market makers and ECNs.

  • Real-Time – Trading desk and settlement team
  • FIX Connectivity – To 3rd party and/or proprietary Order Management Systems
  • Helping Clients – Achieve your Institutional goals through best execution
  • Operational Expertise

Our clearing firm's technology ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and highly responsive to our clients' needs to transact fairly in the markets. All US domestic trades are cleared through Wedbush Clearing and matched on OASYS, at client request. Lampert is able to monitor trades electronically real-time via Sterling Trader's Elite system. Our back office utilizes ALERT, giving us electronic access to account delivery instructions so as to ensure timely and accurate account opening. All International trades are cleared through Wedbush's International Division. Our clients also have uninterrupted account access via our via our online gateway.