Lampert Capital Markets

Lampert Capital Markets is dedicated to providing its clients with unbiased advice and counsel to assist them in achieving their financial and investment objectives.


Our employees comprise our most valuable asset. We strive to hire and retain the very best people that we can, motivate them through a combination of a positive work environment, career enrichment and financial rewards commensurate with their accomplishments for our clients.


Our culture reflects the values of our founders. Our firm is built on a foundation of respect for all people, regardless of race, religion, background or political persuasion. We seek to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals through advice and relationships founded on integrity and candor.


To develop the best opportunities for our clients and present them with full and fair disclosure of their respective risks and opportunities. We consistently develop new financing and investing strategies and products to meet the challenges of ever-changing markets, evolving regulations, shifting tax patterns and volatile economic circumstances.


Our leadership is characterized by individuals with unblemished records of accomplishment and achievement gained over decades of experience in the investment community. Our leaders have built substantial careers on the basis of serving and meeting their clients' needs.